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In Africa safari not only means the viewing of wild animals, as the word safari literally means: voyage. A trip along the many African tribes you should definitely need to see. The proud Maasai, the sturdy Pare and Chagga people or the wandering Bushmen the Hadzabes are certainly worth a visit. Village leaders or tribe chiefs who will show you Africa from a different angle.

In many areas, rural life is an attraction on its own. Carefully cultivated plots and lush tropical vegetation form a backdrop for simple traditional houses. A woman in colorful dresses carry buckets of water and bunches of firewood back home. Villagers participate in development projects, from irrigation systems to primary schools. The people are willing to receive tourists and show them daily life, culture and scenery in their villages. They see tourism as an activity that can create employment and generate income, which can be used for improving their living conditions.

All Tanzania Cultural Tourism Safari the part profit will be used to subsidies local villages cultural various women and youth development activities within the area.


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